Quentin Tarantino reveals the "worst movie ever made" (In his opinion)

Quentin Tarantino’s criticisms in his new book hit one of the most beloved directors of all time, guilty of having signed the ‘worst film ever made’.

The new book of Quentin Tarantino, Cinema Speculationis providing continuous material on which to discuss, given the tranchant opinions of the Californian director who, in one chapter, rails against what he believes the worst movie ever made.

The controversial discussion takes place in the chapter dedicated to the ‘most important films of the ’70s’, Tarantino’s cinephile and director was a formative era. One of the passages involves two films by American director Robert Altman, the sacred monster of cinephilia. Tarantino, however, spares no criticism of Altman writing: “Birds Kill Too is one of the worst studio-branded films, and Altman is also known to have made Quintet for a studio”.

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Birds Kill Too, released in 1970, is a satirical black comedy about an outcast who dreams of taking flight. His mysterious guardian angel guides him on his journey. Quintet is, on the other hand, a science fiction film about survivors in a frozen wasteland who struggle for survival. Tarantino describes the latter as “just terrible, boring and useless”.

At the time, the critics had already lambasted the two films in question abundantly, but Tarantino does not mince words in defining Even Birds Kill “the cinematic equivalent of a bird shitting on your head”.

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