Quentin Tarantino on Harvey Weinstein: "I had never heard of the violence"

Director Quentin Tarantino returned to talking about Harvey Weinstein, stressing that he was not aware of the sex crimes committed by the producer.

Quentin Tarantino he went back to talking about the producer Harvey Weinsteinwith whom he collaborated for a long time, reiterating that he had no idea that he had raped numerous women.
Speaking with Chris Wallace, the director pointed out that he had heard rumors about his affections for women, without realizing that there was something more serious.

During the show Who’s Talking to Chris WallaceQuentin Tarantino explained: “I had never heard the stories that came out. I had heard the same things that everyone knew about. To be fair I thought it was a period version of Mad Men where the boss chases the secretary around the desk. I’m not saying it’s okay though“.

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The director added: “There was never any talk of rape or anything like that. The reason I didn’t say anything to Harvey Weinstein is because that’s a really hard conversation to have because I felt like it was pathetic behavior. I felt what he was doing was pathetic and I wanted nothing to do with that aspect“.

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Tarantino pointed out: “I didn’t think it was an ‘Okay you do this for me or you’re not going to get this movie’ situation… And I’ve never heard an actress say anything like that. It was just like, ‘Don’t ride in a limousine with him.’ I repeat, it was simple. I think it was easy to separate things in a way“.

After discovering the reality of what happened for years, Quentin admitted that he feels a little guilty: “I feel bad now about what happened. I especially feel bad that I didn’t get a men’s chat about what was going on“.

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