Quentin Tarantino live in Berlin: Buy tickets for “Cinema Speculation” now

This can only be a party. Film lover, author and cult director Quentin Tarantino will present his new book “Cinema Speculation” live in Berlin. Tickets are available in advance.

His passion for cinema, which began at an early age, is well known. While fans of the award-winning auteur still eagerly await what his tenth film, set to officially end his Hollywood career, will be about, Quentin Tarantino has instead released a new book that has had critics raving. He’s currently on a promotional tour for “Cinema Speculation”, which is actually a must for all film enthusiasts because it offers good analysis of numerous classic films in a very entertaining way.

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Quentin Tarantino reads from “Cinema Speculation”

Tarantino has often said in interviews that he would like to write books about films after his career as a filmmaker. Even if he will hopefully shoot his tenth film and it looks like he also has a series in the pipeline, this long-cherished plan has already been put into action. Packed with plenty of humor and astute observations, Cinema Speculation: The Movies of My Life, released last November, is sure to delight many fans. But even if you don’t know much about his films but are interested in the development of Hollywood films, you shouldn’t miss a look at the book. The work combines reportage, film criticism and film theory in a unique way with the personal story of the author. What could be better than seeing him live reading from this book?

Tickets for “Cinema Speculation” in Berlin’s Admiralspalast

  • At the Wednesday April 12, 2023 you can experience the event live from 8:00 p.m
  • The event takes place in Berlin in the theater Admiral’s Palace instead of
  • You can get the tickets purchase in advance

At the event, Tarantino will lead a discussion on the key American films of the 1970s that shaped his time as a young moviegoer. He then reads excerpts from his new book.

Experience Tarantino live! Book tickets now

Quentin Tarantino has helped many stars whose careers seemed over to shine again. The video shows you examples of those that the dream factory sorted out:

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