Quentin Tarantino clarified a very common misconception about his personal life


Director of pulp fiction Y street dogs He talked about the famous video store that shaped him as an iconic Hollywood filmmaker.

Quentin Tarantino says he will retire after his next film.
© GettyQuentin Tarantino says he will retire after his next film.

In the early 1990s, when he was still completely unknown, an established Harvey Keitel came across the script of a movie that promised a lot: street dogs. Determined to make it a reality, he became not only one of its protagonists but also one of the most important producers so that the first film of Quentin Tarantino would come true. From that moment on, her career began to grow by leaps and bounds hand in hand with Miramax and titles like pulp fiction Y Kill Bill.

Over the years, Quentin Tarantino He went on to be considered an expert in the world of cinema. The filmmaker was not only capable of creating incredible projects for the big screen, but he also had unparalleled knowledge in terms of world film history. Then, a rumor began to circulate around his training as a filmmaker, that he had to do with one of the jobs he had had when he was not yet famous.

In the 80’s, Quentin Tarantino worked at a video store called Manhattan Beach Video Archives that was in Los Angeles. The filmmaker spent five years there, where he met roger avery that would be the coequiper with whom I would write pulp fiction. In this sense, it was said that Quentin Tarantino He had trained as a filmmaker and was a great connoisseur of the world of cinema thanks to the years he worked in this video store. However, he managed to deny it.

In an interview he had with dana carvey at the show Jimmy Kimmel, Quentin Tarantino he was consulted about the store’s influence on his career. “That is a good question. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, he became a movie expert from working at this video store for five years’ or however long he’s been. And no. I was hired by this prestigious video store because I was an expert in cinema”clarified the director of Kill Bill.

+The influence of Manhattan Beach Video Archives on Quentin Tarantino

Beyond the fact that it was not the genesis of his love and his knowledge of cinema, Quentin Tarantino holds a special affection for Manhattan Beach Video Archives to the point that, according to what he said, when the store was melted he was able to keep all the videos that were there, along with the wooden shelves that were used to display the catalog. In the same interview mentioned, Tarantino He explained that although he did not learn about cinema from scratch thanks to this store, it did help him to consolidate. “It allowed me to spend 5 years doing nothing but completely immerse myself in movies”he explained.

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