‘Queer as Folk’: Reboot of the iconic LGBTQIA+ series gets teaser and premiere date in BRAZIL

THE STARZPLAY announced today that it will launch the series ‘Queer as Folk‘ in Brazil.

The first two episodes will be available on Sunday, July 31.

The first season has eight episodes, with two new episodes being released every Sunday.

Watch the teaser:

Described as a “vibrant reimagining” of the original British production, the series will focus on a diverse group of friends in New Orleans whose lives are transformed after tragedy strikes.

Stephen Dunn will be the creator, writer and executive producer of the reboot. He will also direct several episodes.

In an official statement, Dunn said: “It is a surreal honor to adapt the notoriously groundbreaking series of Russell T. Davies. When the show originally aired, the idea of ​​watching queer stories on TV was so bold that I felt like I could only watch ‘Queer as Folk’ in secret. But so much has changed in the last 20 years and it will be wonderful if the next generation doesn’t have to watch ‘Queer as Folk’ alone in their dank basements with the sound muted, but with their family and friends and the volume maxed out.”

Russell T. Daviescreator of the original series, will executive produce the project.

The new version will star Devin Way (‘Grey’s Anatomy’), Fin Argus (‘Clouds’), Jesse James Keitel (‘Big Sky’), Johnny Sibilly (hacks), Ryan O’Connell (Special) and the newbie Candace Grace.

Queer as Folk‘ was launched in 1999 by channel 4, yielding 10 episodes. A year later, an American remake was released by showtimewhich ran for five seasons (from 2000 to 2005).

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