Queen of the roll, Gretchen posts video dancing in her underwear and reacts to criticism. Understand!

This Friday afternoon (5), Gretchen decided to vent on social media after a video posted next to her husband. Gretchen, who recently claimed to have been a victim of xenophobia, was criticized for posting a video of her dancing in her underwear next to her lover and countered the comments.

To the sound of Anitta, who has a romance with the musician Murda Beatz, the video was part of an advertisement for an underwear brand. Without mincing words, the queen of rebolado countered the messages of the followers and made it clear that she does not mind exposing her body on the internet.

We post a TikTok dancing, here comes those repressed people: ‘oh she needs to show up to be able to make money’, but of course my love! Anyone who doesn’t show up doesn’t earn money!”, began Gretchen, who explained the reason for not leaving an inheritance for her children.

Gretchen says she will continue to post panty video after controversy

Sincere as she did when revealing the reasons for giving up on “A Fazenda”, the The artist also stressed that he will continue to publish new videos to take advantage of the controversy. “Since you guys are complaining about a panty video, I’m going to put two on! Okay?”, he continued.

“Instead of you complaining, you’ll train like me! You’ll eat well, you’ll sleep eight hours a night. Go there, squeeze, put on those panties, dance for your husband. What matters is that you feel beautiful.!” he added.

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