Queen of the Lions: This is the name of Helene Fischer’s daughter

Queen of the Lions
This is what Helene Fischer’s daughter should be called

That she is pregnant became public without Helene Fischer’s intervention. Nor has she officially confirmed that her daughter has since been born. Now the alleged name of the girl has also leaked out. So it’s called like a Disney character.

When it came to the release of her album “Rausch” last autumn, Helene Fischer was omnipresent. There were various video clips, concert announcements and TV documentaries in which the singer talked about her new music, but also about her private life. Then she also admitted what ultimately could no longer be concealed: that she is expecting her first child.

Disney dream couple: Simba and Nala.

(Foto: picture alliance / Everett Collection)

But for a few weeks now it has suddenly been quiet again around the 37-year-old. For example, her last Instagram post to date is from December 28th. In it, she made her fans aware of her New Year’s Eve playlist. On the other hand, there was no talk of her baby happiness.

Instead, it was the “Bild” newspaper that announced at the beginning of January that Fischer had already given birth to their child “around Christmas”. The gender of the offspring was also known: Fischer is said to have given birth to a girl.

“Giant Disney fan”

While an official confirmation of the good news is still pending, the next revelation is already making the rounds. And the “Bild” newspaper supplies that too, but without naming a specific source.

Accordingly, the hit queen has given her daughter a proper name: Nala. After all, the name is reminiscent of a character from the Walt Disney classic “The Lion King”. Nala is the friend of Simba, who is supposed to rise to the rulership of the animal kingdom after the death of his father Mufasa.

A few years ago, when she contributed the German title song to the animated film “Vaiana”, Fischer described herself as a “huge Disney fan”. Perhaps it can be explained that her daughter is now called like the lion queen. In the Swahili language, Nala also means something like “gift”. And as such, Fischer and her partner Thomas Seitel should definitely consider their little girl.

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