Queen of Czech Country Věra Martinová (62): Divorce after the death of her parents!

Before the pandemic, the queen of Czech country was very smiling and literally shining with love. She rejoiced that she had overcome breast cancer and the chronic fatigue that had struck her after fighting the insidious disease. She found not only a helping hand with a healer, but also love. She even seemed to be on her second wedding. But instead of marriage, a breakup came! Fatal Seven “I’ve been without a partner for a year and sometimes I’m terribly sad. On the other hand, I take it that life is like that. I let it flow, maybe someone else will be somewhere, ”she confided to the daily Aha! singer.

Věra Martinová – mental problems and separation

“It’s been a long-term relationship, we’ve been together for seven years. And whether it was the legendary seventh year or what, I don’t know. It just didn’t work out and I take it that way. And there is no going back, I’m alone, “she said Martinová, who was married to musician Jaroslav Petrásk (69) for years. About eight years ago, however, she left him unexpectedly and went to see the healer Květoslav. Unfortunately, her relationship with him did not last either. 5 dead relatives Everything is all the sadder that the singer had to deal with the loss of both parents shortly before. “My sister and I lost a large portion of our family over the course of two months. Cousin, aunt, cousin … But mainly for mom and dad. Believe me, it’s a terrible bomb, “Martinová sighed, overwhelmed.

He’s running for his life

The singer also admitted that she has been taking antidepressants for years. “And when it’s worst, it keeps me moving. I’m going for a run on the treadmill I have at home. It’s not a long distance, but I just have to wash out the endorphins, “said Martinová.

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