Queen Margrethe: The crisis in the royal family is far from over

Queen Margrethe celebrated her 50th anniversary on November 12, 2022 at Copenhagen City Hall. There was no joint photo with their children – but there was further speculation about the family crisis.

After Queen Margrethe, 82, announced that the children of Prince Joachim, 53, would be deprived of their titles, she was met with violent expressions of displeasure from the second-born camp. In the meantime there has been a conversation between the monarch and her son, but it is questionable whether the crack that obviously runs through the family could be repaired. Many were now all the more excited about the celebrations in Copenhagen City Hall. There, the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s assumption of office was celebrated with a final celebration.

Queen Margrethe refused to be photographed with the family

The royal house expert for the newspaper “BT”, Jacob Heinel Jensen, had already pointed out in advance: “I can’t imagine that it has become less complicated overnight. Of course, such a deep crisis cannot be changed with a picture. That’s right naive to believe it.” A joint photo was then avoided as much as possible. Joachim and his wife Princess Marie, 46, as well as heir to the throne Prince Frederik, 54, his wife Princess Mary, 50, and the Queen came separately to the occasion. Far and wide there was nothing to be seen of the grandchildren of the monarch.

During the celebrations, family members were seated separately at different tables – and Queen Margrethe waved alone from the balcony. All of this does not allow any conclusions as to whether the family has spoken out. The royal family expert: “It’s not like you can see that something is wrong – but of course that’s also because they weren’t put in a context where they have to smile at each other.”

Experts illuminate the appearance of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie

In addition, Jensen considers it likely that it took some persuasion to get Joachim and his wife to celebrate. However, a cancellation would only have underlined the distance. A month ago, such a participation was certainly unthinkable. “So it’s also pretty crazy that the royal family managed to bring the parties together. I actually think it’s good that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie have come after the treatment they’ve received. It also underscores that they the royal family want – they just don’t want to put up with the treatment that they and their children have experienced,” Jensen notes, not uncritically.

Lars Hovbakke Sørensen comments on the events for the magazine “Se og Hør”. He is Associate Professor of Danish, Nordic and European Politics at Absalon University of Applied Sciences and is also the author of several books on the history of European and Danish kings. Sørensen notes that there were polls in Denmark after the Queen’s decision. These had shown that the resolution was supported by 50 percent of those surveyed. “This could have led to Prince Joachim’s family becoming more involved. They have a sense of what the public thinks about it and therefore there is no reason to continue criticizing the Queen,” says the expert.

At the newspaper “Ekstra Bladet”, culture commentator René Fredensborg is not impressed by the celebration in honor of the queen. Apparently no one was amused by the expensive dinner in the town hall, the Queen parodist Ulf Pilgaard, who is well known in Denmark, could have been sent in place of the monarch. In addition, the journalist is not pleased that Margrethe kept her hat on during the three-course meal. “Fortunately, the grandchildren were not invited to the real royal theatre, because then they would have experienced downright bad manners as the two eldest princes, Joachim and Frederik, ate with their elbows on the table.” In the end he found: “All in all: too little service for too high a fee.”

“No one believes the crisis is over”

“Ekstra Bladet” royal expert Kim Bach said: “This solemn ceremony was an attempt to show that everything is fine, but until they go out and explain themselves, the silence will be loud. In the TV2 series News was almost entirely about the relationship between Joachim, Frederik and the Queen. This is how the crisis will continue. Nobody believes that the crisis is over because Joachim says yes to lunch at City Hall.”

This silence is not good and must be ended, the expert said clearly. “If they are completely silent, you have to assume that they have no alternative. You have to assume that there is simply nothing good to say about this situation. An alternative could be that the Queen and Joachim agree that Joachim gives a long interview in a newspaper in which he announces that he has now spoken to his mother and the wounds are healed. Silence is not a solution – on the contrary.”

Bach’s advice: The family should resolve the conflict by Christmas. Otherwise, the joy of the holiday will be spoiled. Apparently it’s not always magical to be a royal.

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