Queen Margrethe: Queen Margrethe worried about cousin Carl Gustaf

Queen Margrethe
She worried about King Carl Gustaf

Queen Margrethe and King Carl Gustaf

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January 17, 2023

That’s why Queen Margrethe was worried about King Carl Gustaf

In Swedish broadcaster SVT’s new documentary “Sveriges sista kungar” (Eng.: “Sweden’s last kings”), Queen Margrethe, 82, reveals that she was worried about her cousin King Carl Gustaf, 76, when he became monarch. When he ascended the throne, he was 27 years old, Margrethe had been Queen of Denmark for about a year at the time. “Suddenly he was King of Sweden: everything would be new and different. We thought he would be pretty lonely,” says the 82-year-old in the documentary.

Carl Gustaf himself also remembers the beginning of his reign: “I said to myself that I couldn’t change, that I was who I was. You can’t change your clothes, you have to take your old coat, you have and making the best of the situation and highlighting the skills you have and making something of them.” Now the Swedish monarch is celebrating his 50th anniversary on September 15, 2023.

January 16, 2023

Princess Mary is Denmark’s first regent

Numerous members of European royal families came to Athens on Monday, January 16, 2023 to pay their last respects to Greece’s ex-king Constantine, † 82. Queen Margrethe, 82, and her sons, Prince Frederik, 54, and Prince Joachim, 53, also attended the funeral service. Meanwhile, Frederik’s wife holds the fort at home. Because while the high-ranking royals have left the country, Princess Mary, 50, will have the great honor of acting as regent of Denmark for the first time.

The Danish royal family is closely linked to the Greek one, after all, Queen Margrethe’s sister Anne-Marie, 76, is Constantine II’s widow. So it’s only natural that she traveled to Athens with her sons to attend the funeral service. In Denmark, regents are usually appointed when the monarch is abroad and cannot perform her duties herself.

Prince Joachim: After a long back and forth! He attends Constantine’s funeral

After undecided back and forth about the appearance of Prince Joachim, 53, at Ex-King Constantine, †82, funeral is now certain: The Danish prince will take part in the funeral of the deceased old king of Greece. Shortly after the death of the former king, it was already clear who from the Danish royal family would take part in the funeral service. However, Prince Joachim’s appearance was initially not planned.

The Danish court reports on the decision to appear as follows: “It is possible for His Royal Highness Prince Joachim to attend King Constantine’s funeral service. […] The prince could change his other commitments.”

However, this type of communication creates confusion. According to “BT”, court expert Jacob Heinel Jensel is puzzled by the way the report is reported: “It’s a very confusing way of communicating, but it’s good for the royal family that it has now found a place in its calendar.” This communication is unfortunate, a ‘We’re coming, we’re not coming, we’re coming.'”

The appearance of Prince Joachim can be seen as a good sign. After the emerging family quarrel over the deprivation of the titles of Joachim’s children, the family now appears as a unit.

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