Queen Margrethe has received her third vaccine against corona

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Queen Margrethe has received the third sting with a coronavirus vaccine.

She said this at a press conference in Tivoli, which was held in connection with the re-enactment of the performance ‘The Snow Queen’, of which the Queen is the set designer.

When asked about her thoughts on getting her third corona vaccine, the answer came quickly:

“I got it.”

The corona is also to blame for the fact that ‘The Snow Queen’ will only be performed this year, when it was canceled last year due to the pandemic.

A big disappointment for the Queen, who on the other hand can be extra happy that it now seems to be a reality.

“We’ve been twice as much looking forward to getting started this year,” she said.

“I think everyone goes for it with enthusiasm, energy and high expectations.”

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The performance now premieres on December 1 in the Concert Hall in Tivoli.

The Queen tells of a great disappointment that the ballet did not turn into anything last year.

The royal family had corona close to their bodies when the crown prince couple’s eldest son, Prince Christian, tested positive for corona in mid-December last year.

It happened after an outbreak of infection at the prince’s school, Tranegårdskolen, in Hellerup.

It has been possible to be revaccinated with a third sting against the corona since 30 August.

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