Queen Margrethe doesn’t hold back: ‘Like a really old bitch’

Queen Margrethe is not shy about offering constructive criticism when she oversees the production of ‘The Nutcracker’ in Tivoli.

At the last rehearsals, which Tivoli has filmed, you can see the majesty going through costumes for the ballet dancers who will take part in the set-up.

Here it is the malicious mouse who gets the last comments from Queen Margrethe, and she certainly does not hold back.

“If you look more ravaged in the face like an old bitch,” says the queen cheerfully to the ballet dancer, who seems to agree.

“Yes, like a real old bitch,” he laughs back.

The queen did not hold back. Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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The queen has created both the scenography and the costumes for the performance, and she has therefore seen several rehearsals of the ballet classic.

And according to Tivoli’s ballet director, it has been a gift to have the Queen in the production.

“Style in clothes of different social classes, these are things like this that the Queen knows an incredible amount about, and she has a fantastic feeling for color combinations. So the two things together give some magic to these figures, which are in our performance,’ says Peter Bo Bendixen.

The Nutcracker plays in Tivoli from 26 November.

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