Queen Margrethe: Disappointing jubilee after title deprivation scandal

The first official family reunion after the title scandal in Denmark’s royal family was sobering. Queen Margrethe celebrated her 50th throne anniversary without her family on the balcony.

It was the first time Queen Margrethe, 82, and her sons were to meet in public following the scandal surrounding their grandchildren’s disqualification from the title. But at the 50th anniversary of the monarch’s throne this Saturday (November 12, 2022), the Danish royal family was not seen together.

Queen Margrethe drives alone to the town hall

King Christian and Queen Louise’s carriage, which was closed due to the cooler weather, set off with the Queen at 12:35 from Amalienborg Palace. At around 1 p.m., the carriage arrived at City Hall, where scores of people had gathered to wave to the Queen on the balcony. Earlier, Margrethe’s cousin Count Ingolf von Rosenborg, 82, and his wife Countess Sussie, 72, arrived there. Then Margrethe’s younger sister Princess Benedikte zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, 78, and her sons Prince Joachim, 53, with his wife Princess Marie, 46, and Prince Frederik, 54, with Princess Mary, 50. All came without their children. A conscious decision on the occasion of the recent excitement in the royal house? Certainly.

No public meeting with Prince Joachim

Queen Margrethe then entered the balcony alone, without the other family members, and left it again after a minute. Only the Lord Mayor Sophie Hæstorp was present. The Queen then accepted the gift from the city in the town hall and gave a speech. After that, lunch was eaten, a music program was played, coffee was drunk and cake was eaten.

So there was no big public gathering. Even at the celebrations in the town hall, it should not have happened. Each family member is said to have sat at the table with a host.

Sources used: Dana Press, billedbladet.dk


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