Queen Letizia: An ex-colleague loses clear words about the monarch

Queen Letizia
Ex-colleague: “I think it must be very difficult for Letizia”

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At the premiere of a children’s film, Spanish journalist Carme Chaparro reveals private details about a former colleague. This is none other than Queen Letizia of Spain.

Before Queen Letizia, 49, became the wife of then heir to the throne Felipe, 54, on May 22, 2004, she was a successful journalist for leading Spanish media. Many rumors surround the native of Asturias, little is confirmed. Ex-colleague Carme Chaparro, 49, who has spoken to her personally on several occasions, knows what today’s monarch really is like.

Queen Letizia “does not mince words”

Queen Letizia is a self-declared feminist and took part in the women’s strike on International Women’s Day 2018. She is also considered a loving lion mother, who controls her daughters Princess Leonor, 16, and Princess Sofía, 15, but also gives them advice and support. The relationship with her mother-in-law Queen Sofia, 83, has been rumored to have been strained for years – as scandalous footage from the 2018 Easter service made clear.

But Letizia is still a journalist through and through, who, despite her institutional role, knows what she wants and “does not mince her words,” Carme Chaparro explained to the Spanish press agency “GTRES” on the sidelines of a children’s film premiere. The fact that this is not always met with applause in the quite conservative Spanish royal family is almost inevitable.

Carmen Chaparro

Carmen Chaparro

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Ex-colleague does not want to be in Letizia’s skin

Like Letizia, Carme is a working mother of two daughters who are just a few years younger than Leonor and Sofía. The journalist has nothing but praise for the two princesses: “The girls are great and I wouldn’t underestimate any of them. I mean that from an early age they have been exemplary in public, which is very difficult for children, and they’ve always been amazing.”

That’s particularly Letizia’s work, but Chaparro doesn’t want to be in the limelight as a royal mother with two daughters.

She says: “The feeling that your daughters, because they are who they are, will be in the public eye, with all that that entails, and also with the social networks… I think it must be very difficult for Letizia, very difficult.”

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