Queen Elizabeth: That’s why Duchess Catherine is her last ace up her sleeve

The past year has not been an easy one for Queen Elizabeth. The loss of her husband and the headlines about Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and Prince Andrew have troubled her. Now, more than ever, she should rely on a special member of the family.

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Queen Elizabeth, 95, looks back on difficult months: The explosive interview of her grandson Prince Harry, 37, and his wife Duchess Meghan, 40, in March 2021 with the US talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey, 67, and the alleged entanglements of their son Prince Andrew, 61, in the Epstein scandal did not put the British royal family in a good light.

With Prince Philip, † 99, in April she lost the indispensable hold that had carried her through all crises in over 70 years of marriage. Now the monarch is apparently looking for a new rock, which could bring the reputation of the royal family in the world back to shine.

Queen Elizabeth: With Catherine, she wants to drive away the dark clouds over the palace

Duchess Catherine, 39, is the secret weapon Her Majesty relies on in these stormy times. “I think it will come into its own this year, especially since it will be a tough year for the Royals,” explains Royal expert Katie Nicholl in an interview with “Closer”. The Queen will be relying on the very “supportive” Catherine “more than ever”, especially in the face of new challenges looming: Andrew may indeed soon find himself in an abuse trial in a New York court and Harry has his release Memoirs announced. Dark clouds move over Buckingham Palace.

Kate manages family, royal duties and crisis situations

Catherine, on the other hand, works in line with the royal claim: The wife of Prince William, 39, has already established herself as an excellent crisis manager in the last year of the crisis. At the side of the future heir to the throne, she showed presence and commitment. Especially after the decision of her brother-in-law and his wife to turn their back on royal duties, the mother of three demonstrated the absolute will to go one step further. She brings family and crown service seemingly effortlessly under one roof. A strong pound for the Windsors.

A blessing to the queen

Queen Elizabeth honors this commitment. “I know the Queen appreciates your support and will rely on her more than ever,” said Nicholl. Duchess Catherine will come into its own even more, says the expert. It would probably be a blessing to the queen. For the wife of the future heir to the throne, however, a new semester seems to be looming in the “queens” school – and that could be harder than ever.

Source used: closeronline.co.uk


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