Queen Elizabeth: That’s what she was "uncharacteristically happy" at the wedding of William and Catherine

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“Uncharacteristically happy” on the day of William and Catherine’s wedding

Queen Elizabeth chatting happily with Carole Middleton (left) and Duchess Camilla in front of Westminster Abbey

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At the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, Queen Elizabeth was more exuberant and emotional than ever. Palace insiders are now revealing the reason for this.

It is no longer a secret that Queen Elizabeth, 96, was delighted with the marriage of her grandson, Prince William, 40, to Kate Middleton, 40. At the big royal wedding on April 29, 2011, she was seen driving up in a good mood in a Bentley alongside Prince Philip, †99, in front of Westminster Abbey and later waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. But the day should also have been particularly close to her emotionally. Palace officials say she was “atypically happy.”

Queen Elizabeth was happy that the succession to the throne was secured

The reason: Apparently she was extremely happy that the succession to the throne was secured. “When you hear from the Queen that you’re doing a really good job and you have support from your husband, that gives you confidence,” a palace insider told People.

The monarch should not be deceived by her feelings for her grandson’s wife. In the years that followed, Kate became a real asset to her. No wonder, because despite the 56 years that lie between them, the 40-year-old brings similar qualifications to the Queen for the job as a working royal: stoic calm, discretion and loyalty. She is dutiful and unwavering in her commitment to the Crown. Nevertheless, she shows herself to be close to the people and human in public appearances or chance encounters.

Duchess Catherine was well prepared for her “job”.

Before her marriage to Prince William, she “drank tea with the ladies-in-waiting and attended briefings from private secretaries. People wanted it to work,” according to a royal insider. “And all have been rewarded with the couple’s achievements.”

Duchess Catherine and Prince William

Before starting a possibly long reign alongside the heir to the throne, the Duchess of Cambridge has enough time to learn a few things from the Queen. “Catherine learned by observing,” explains Queen biographer Sally Bedell Smith. “She knows what matters. She will have absorbed a lot from this queen.”

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