Queen Elizabeth refuses to pay the costs of the Epstein trial, Prince Andrew forced to sell Verbier’s ultra-luxury chalet

No money from the Sovereign mother, for Prince Andrew it is bad. New tile on the uncrowned head of the third son of Queen Elizabeth, involved in the affair of sex scandal connected to dating the deceased American pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Waiting to know if the US justice intends to accept or not the request of his lawyers to dismiss the civil case filed against him by Veronica Giuffre, one of the alleged victims (at the time a minor) of the fixer and his many VIP friends, the 61-year-old Duke of York is already preparing for the worst. And he could find himself forced to sell the prestigious chalet that he owns in Verbier, in the Swiss Alps, to pay legal fees and potential millionaire compensation. This, at least, is what the tabloids across the Channel write – from the Mail, to the Mirror, to the Sun – relying on the usual anonymous sources, for what they are worth. Sources moreover unanimous in reporting that the duke would have set in motion (actually for a few months) his own emissaries in view of the hypothetical sale of the property, where again on New Year’s Eve he was seen overwintering with his family to spend a holiday in the snow and on skis before the redde rationem on the Epstein case. A typical mountain mansion in an extra-luxury version whose value is estimated at approx 20 million euros, also much loved by her two daughters Eugenia and Beatrice, as well as by the ex-wife-friend Sarah Ferguson, but who, moreover, it does not appear to have been finished paying yet.

The sources say that the ‘renunciation’ will be necessary especially if the legal proceedings initiated in New York against the duke were to go ahead. So long as the 95-year-old Elizabeth II this time does not appear willing to cover the court costs with royal funds to the one who has long been considered her favorite son, despite the repeated missteps and embarrassments caused at court in the past as well. Especially since in support of the hard line there would be the heir to the throne Carlo – Andrea’s elder brother and historical ‘rival’ in the Royal Family, to listen to the popular narrative on palace squabbles – now credited with a role of co-ruler on many dynastic issues: control over the resources of the Windsor house in the first place.

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The fate of the duke, and of his golden hut, is therefore in the hands of Lewis Kaplan, the New York judge, called to decide on the next chapter of the dispute arising from the accusations of harassment brought by Giuffre against the third son of Elisabetta and Filippo. With the key verdict expected shortly on the matter of the transaction signed by the alleged victim with Jeffrey Epstein since 2009, in which in exchange for half a million dollars Virginia committed not to seek any more compensation from both the billionaire and other “potential suspects “His friends: a transaction that according to the duke’s lawyers should also cover Andrea, making the civil case now open against him invalid. But that if this were not the case it would oblige the most reckless of the Windsors to continue to defend themselves in the process at very high costs. Or alternatively, to seek an out-of-court settlement with the accuser that British newspapers such as the Telegraph they consider it possible as long as they shell out not less than $ 5 million: assuming they are enough.

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