Queen Elizabeth II’s precious gift to her personal physician after her health problems

Detail that does not go unnoticed. After one stop on her schedule, the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom he has resumed his work. Considering that his health has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks, one of his first commitments has been to honor his personal physician, Professor Sir Huw Thomas.

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The investiture ceremony was held in the halls of Windsor Castle, as stated in the Circular of the Court, the British royal family’s official record of engagements already made, and Lady Thomas, Huw Thomas’s wife, was also reportedly present.

Professor Sir Huw Thomas, who has served the British royal house for a long time, was appointed physician to the queen in 2005, a few years before becoming Head of the Medical House (the medical section of the British royal house) and personal physician to Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 2014.

The British Royal Family Physician

According to the British tabloid Express, Sir Thomas was part of the team that treated Catherine of Cambridge when she gave birth to Louis of Cambridge in 2018, and he was also the doctor who certified the cause of death of Felipe de Edimburgo in April of this year.

He was already knighted of the Royal Victorian Order on the 2021 New Years honors list, but the investiture did not take place due to confinement. This time it may be even better for the teacher, as it is believed that is among those who have advised the queen take a break in the last few weeks, after having to spend a night in the hospital for tests.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom during her video message to COP26. (Photo: AFP)

As a product of the medical rest, the sovereign was absent in a series of important commitments, including the inauguration of COP26. He had hoped to attend the Remembrance Day mass on November 14, but had to abstain due to a back injury.

Sir Thomas and his service to the British Crown

In February 2021, when addressing Imperial College London, Sir Thomas declared that he was “A great honor to be the queen’s personal physician”, calling it a “very enjoyable and rewarding role, completely different from what I would normally do.”

“The nature of this work is most interesting because it allows you to see how an entire organization operates, that of the royal house. You become part of that organization and become the personal doctor of its main members, who are patients like any other, “he added.


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