Queen Elizabeth (†): Revealed! Strict umbrella rule

Now it’s been revealed why Queen Elizabeth has always insisted on holding her umbrella herself.

“May I hold your umbrella, Your Royal Highness?” When the late Queen Elizabeth († 96) was asked this friendly and respectful question, she always politely declined. She insisted on always holding the umbrella herself and rebuffed any gentleman. But why did the late monarch never allow herself to be helped until her death?

Queen Elizabeth: Her strict umbrella rule

Journalist and ex-politician Gyles Brandreth, 74, knows why. The Oxford graduate worked as a publisher, then as a presenter for radio and television. He was a member of the government of former Prime Minister John Major, 79, and sat for the Tories in Parliament between 1992 and 1997. The author wrote in “The Oldie” magazine about the late regent and her quirk of always defying the rainy weather herself. In the publication, he recalled meeting Queen Elizabeth. In 1968, Brandreth was a 20-year-old Oxford student and the Queen attended the elite university debating club.

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That is why the queen always carried the umbrella herself

He writes: “As she left I rebuked William Waldegrave (Oxford Union President, now Baron Waldegrave) for not carrying the monarch’s umbrella for her as he led her across the courtyard through the rain.” The latter then explained: “He told me, ‘The Queen insists on holding her own umbrella – always. When someone else holds it, the rain runs down her throat.'”

A simple but very coherent explanation that makes the Queen likeable. After all, the Queen was just a human being with quirks and quirks – and she was also critical of herself and had self-doubt. Celebrity photographer Rankin, 71, just revealed that on a shoot with him, she revealed which part of her body she disliked.

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