Quatennens case: his wife denounces “physical and moral violence” for “several years”

“I have suffered his anger, his crises, physical and moral violence for several years. Over the past few years, I have wanted a divorce three times, each time under pressure I have backtracked, ”assured Céline Quatennens, in a press release, the authenticity of which has been confirmed by her lawyer.

Adrien Quatennens, who on September 18 acknowledged violence against his wife in a press release and has not sat in the National Assembly since, must be heard on December 13 behind closed doors by a prosecutor in a procedure prior recognition of guilt (CRPC, sometimes called “plead guilty”).

An unwanted speech

“Faced with the statements of Mr. Quatennens arguing in the media ‘a single slap in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness’, I cannot remain silent in the face of comments that I consider untruthful”, developed Céline Quatennes.

Denouncing “a very personal version”, she claims to speak “against her will” but to “rebalance things”. “It is unpleasant to me that my husband minimizes the facts publicly by discrediting my person,” she added.

In a long press release on September 18, the chosen one mentioned in particular “disputes” since the announcement by his wife of his desire to divorce, specifying for example having “grabbed his wrist” during one of them. He also admitted to having “gave him a slap”, “a year ago”, “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggression”.

A political withdrawal

Withdrawn from his function as political coordinator of La France insoumise since that date, the deputy informed those around him in mid-November that he wanted to resume his place on the benches of the Assembly now that his sick leave is over.

The movement has since been working “collectively” on the “modalities of its return”, on the principle of which the group has agreed, despite pressure from other political parties and feminist associations.

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