Quarrel with Kate Merlan in sight? Jakub is back on Malle

The love drama seems to have no end. Kate Merlan (35) and her husband Jakub Merlan Jarecki (26) have been having a violent mud fight for a few weeks. It went as far as threatening TV fame to leave the footballer if he went to Mallorca instead of reconciliation. This was followed by a joint discussion, which led to a brief reconciliation. as Kate However, she stood by her friend Rafi Rachek (32) during his breakup instead of spending time with her husband Jakub the fuse again: Jakub is now on holiday again in Mallorca.

The former Temptation Island VIP contestant posted a photo in his Instagram-Story with the words: “I make my own decisions.” With that he appears Kate’s Threatened to part ways with him should he make the trip to Mallorca. He added a video to the picture that shows him in the middle of a party tent in Mallorca.

So far, the two have always carried out their disputes in public. But so far it has Kate not commented on this. In her story, however, she reveals that she is currently also in Spain. In contrast to her husband, however, she is on Tenerife and not for pleasure, but for professional reasons.

Kate Merlan and Jakub Jarecki 2022
Jakub Merlan-Jarecki in March 2022

Instagram / jakubmerlanjarecki

Jakub Merlan-Jarecki in March 2022
Kate Merlan, reality TV star

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