Qatar under criticism: Can we look forward to this World Cup at all?

The time has come on November 20th: The 2022 World Cup begins in Qatar. In this episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich”, Verena and Ronny talk about the first World Cup in winter and the machinations that made this coup possible in the first place have made.

According to a survey by Spiegel Online, almost 70 percent of Germans do not want to watch the World Cup this year. At the same time, the hashtags #Qatar boycott, #human rights and #bought World Cup are trending on Twitter. But not all people are for sale. The British singer Rod Stewart is said to have been offered a million euros if he appears at the opening ceremony. The 77-year-old declined the offer.

In this episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich”, Verena and Ronny talk about a World Cup that has caused so much discussion like never before. How much joy can this World Cup bring you at all? How much corruption can international football endure? And what happens in football country Germany when our boys make it to the final?

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