Qatar 2022 World Cup: what meats to include on your grill to watch the games

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As important as salt or spices for marinating are the cuts of meat that will be chosen to prepare the grill or roast, and even more so if you will be the star of the meeting to watch a football match. World Cup Qatar 2022which was just inaugurate this November 20 from the Al Bayt stadium in Doha, the capital of the first Arab country to host the World Cup. If you are thinking of preparing one, here we leave you the tricks that you must put into practice so as not to make a mistake when shopping.

Although there are more than 30 types of cuts of meat for the grill, many times a large part of the choice is given in three or four varieties. “Choosing the exact cut can sometimes be a bit tedious,” explains Johann Sitter, general manager of Fresquicarnes, who adds that the exact measurement must also be taken into account “big, small, thick, thin, etc.” for “enjoy the World Cup in a big way”. The expert of the Peruvian chain and pioneer in the specialization of cuts of meat to measure details the 5 types that you can choose for this occasion.

  1. The strip roast: It is a classic Argentinian barbecue that cannot be missed on your tables. This particular cut is characterized thanks to the bones that are present in the ribs and the infiltrated fat, which when cooked gives a particular aroma and a juicy and pleasant flavor. This cut has the peculiarity that fat and bone form an excellent team, since when cooked they complement each other so well that it appeals to any meat lover. That is why it is one of the cuts with the greatest tradition!
  2. Tomahawk: It is impressive, not only because of its appearance, since it has an exposed rib bone in the shape of an axe, but also because of the good amount of marbling of intramuscular and intermuscular fat, which makes it extremely juicy. This cut is extracted from ribs six and twelve of the beef.
  3. Cattle prod: intense, juicy and delicious. This meat becomes one of the cuts with the highest demand in restaurants and on home grills. Its triangular shape, and its large layer of marbling in one part of the cut, notably increases the various ways of cooking the meat, greatly accentuating the flavor of the juices and causing total delight on the palate. This picaña is located in the upper part of the hip. With a little salt on both sides and on the grill, it becomes a dish that cannot be lost.
  4. Rump tail: the experts know it, it is the muscle cut they most expect. Its thin texture, boneless, with fat on the sides, tender and soft, causes an explosion of the senses. This cut has a triangular or cone shape and is extracted from the muscle of the lower part of the beef. A tip! when cooking it, you shouldn’t turn it before it has started sweating and has that fine, delicious crust.
  5. Narrow steak: Marbled to the max! This extraordinary combination of meat with intramuscular fat is everyone’s favorite. This cut also has a fat coating typical of the meat and that is why it gives it a juicy, impeccable and tender flavor. It is located at the rear of the beef and is ideal to accompany it with salads or purees.

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