Qatar 2022 World Cup: DirecTV Go users reported failures during the opening date

On Sunday, November 20, the inaugural ceremony of the World Cup Qatar 2022 and several fans joined the soccer fever. Some traveled to Doha to support their favorite team, while others purchased exclusive services to watch the 64 matches of the most important football championship.

However, not everything has been happiness for DirecTV Go customers, users turned to their social networks to express their discomfort because there were bugs in said app.

“DirecTV Go, the day the World Cup starts they drop everything and of course nobody can help you. If they are not ready to sell?reported a user from his Twitter profile.

“DirecTV Go went too far! With all the money they have and they can’t have good servers for this to happen to us with their app”denounced another client on Twitter.

Until the closing of this note, DirecTV Go did not present any statement due to the failures in its app, but they did promote the matches that they will “broadcast live” on Monday, November 21.

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