Qatar 2022 World Cup, did Holly and Benji predict the result of Germany-Japan? The Incredible “Prophecy”

Once again do cartoons anticipate reality? Maybe yes. But no, this time we are not talking about the Simpsons, but about Holly and Benji, the first television anime based on the manga Captain Tsubasa and dating back to the 80s. So let’s talk about sport and in this case football. THEThe direct reference is to the Germany-Japan match which was held yesterday November 23rd and saw the Asians triumph 2-1. A real flop for the Germans who first took the lead, then were taken back and finally defeated by Japan. A plot that someone reminded Holly and Benji, in particular an episode in which the Japanese had managed to impose themselves against Germany. It is September 1988 and the occasion is that of the final of the International Junior Youth Tournament, in which 12 teams participate, divided into 4 groups of 3.

To remember the details of that episode is, who writes: “Schneider’s Germany took the lead, but Japan managed to reverse the result with a late goal. Holly Hutton starts the action, serves her twin Tom Becker who gallops, avoids an edge tackle and serves Mark Lenders, who was the villain of the story as well as Holly’s great rival. Lenders serves Hutton who shoots from the edge, ball on the crossbar, pounces on the ball and with a bicycle kick he scores. The game ends after that goal. Holly and Benji’s Japan beat Germany with that goal and are world champions at youth level”. So did fiction become reality? The result is not exactly the same as the match held in Qatar, however many are reminded of the most loved football cartoon ever.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that fiction anticipates reality. As mentioned, there has often been talk of the Simpsons and their ‘prophecies’: from the one on the arrival of a pandemic from Asia, to Donald Trump president of the United States until the most recent, concerning the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. In the cartoon, the character played by Totti thinks he has been cheated on by his wife. Then the extreme decision to part will come. A plot that does not distance itself too much from the vicissitudes that actually took place between the former Giallorossi captain and the presenter of theIsland of the Famous. In any case, the World Cup continues, with the fifth day featuring the teams from groupings G and H. Specifically: 11am Switzerland-Cameroon, 2pm Uruguay-South Korea, 5pm Portugal-Ghana, 8pm Brazil-Serbia. What will happen? After the debacle of Argentina and Germany, at this point it is the teams traditionally considered the strongest who have to fear the worst.

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