Put the spoon! Maíra Cardi comes out in defense of Luana Piovani after the actress was criticized by Monique Evans: ‘absurd’

Maíra Cardi defended Luana Piovani after the actress’ posture was criticized on social networks. Turns and moves, the presenter and Pedro Scooby are involved in some discussion on the internet about raising children.

In a new outburst, Luana accused the surfer of not wanting to pay the full amount of child support for Dom, 10 years old, and the twins Bem and Liz, 6. The statement came after Monique Evans accused Piovani of living off the money received from the athlete. For Maíra, the statement is serious.

“What madness, ma’am! Piovani wants equal rights, she is demanding that he pay half of what he owes! How sad for you to say that she is being supported is absurd, and to say that she said too much or more than anyone else who has never said much should, but you and I can’t, right? Because I think we’re old enough to know that we’ve talked a lot in this life too!”, he said.

Separated from Arthur Aguiar since last October, Maíra also gave a tip. “So what I really think is that we shouldn’t get involved in that, we just watch and learn what we need to learn without playing God and trying to teach a moral lesson that we can’t!”.

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