Put away the umbrellas and get out the sunscreen: the mercury will rise again in the coming days

The clearings, already present in the west and center of the country, will extend to other regions, announces the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) in its midday bulletin. The maximum will be between 17 degrees on the coast or in the upper Ardennes and 21 to 22 degrees on the plain, under a moderate wind.


This evening, the sky will be clear at first, but during the night, high sails will reach our country from France. A little haze or a few local fog fields may also form here and there. The minima will oscillate between 5 degrees on the heights and 12 degrees at the coast.

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The day of Tuesday promises to be mixed between sun, clouds and showers. But behind this disturbed area, clearings will return from France in the late afternoon and evening. Temperatures will flirt with 25 degrees.

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Wednesday will generally be sunny and dry, but a downpour could break out in the far south in the afternoon. The mercury will climb to 27 degrees.

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