Pushed to the limit by some fans of "tomorrow belongs to us"this star of the TF1 series is stepping up to the plate!

If the actors most often like to be recognized in the street by their admirers, they do not really appreciate being called by the name of their character, as if they existed only in the imagination of a screenwriter. . And when you play in the same series for years, without people losing this regrettable habit, it can generate a real feeling of fed up.

This is what the lovely Clémence Lassalas seems to be feeling today, really tired because she considers it a lack of respect on the part of aficionados of Tomorrow belongs to us, which has been a hit on TF1 for five years. The one who interprets the character of Charlie on the small screen has just cracked, and let her anger burst out in a message posted on her Instagram: “I’m not much of the type to make little polemics. I haven’t done any yet. There is something that is a little minimal, it is that when you meet people, especially at the moment in Sète, in the street, you have to learn to know your first name. In the street, they keep calling me Charlie when they see me. But my name is not Charlie. It’s not very respectful. »she writes, before adding: “It’s like you work at McDonald’s and you make Ronald McDonald’s mascot for birthdays and I’m like, ‘Hey, hey Ronald, we can take a picture. In short, you have understood me. Learn our first names. In general, it’s more fun and it makes you want to chat with you. »she concludes.

As you will have understood, if you have the chance this summer to cross paths with the actress, on the port of Sète or elsewhere, please her, and call Clémence so that reality finally goes beyond fiction, because, we understand that the actress would like her fans to appreciate her talent and not forget that she has a life outside the sets. AND above all, don’t call him Charlie anymore! Otherwise, the young woman might get angry for good and deprive you of a selfie!

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