Pure Nostalgia! Adventure and Fantasy Films Turning 35 in 2021

The nostalgia for the 1980s is simply contagious. To be alive in this decade was to witness firsthand the emergence of cinema entertainment in all its glory. It was thanks to the blockbusters of the period that we were able to have the beloved Marvel movies today, for example. The 1980s was the foundation of everything. It was the time when movies were no longer just movies, they were no longer experiences that we left in movie theaters or brought to conversations. With the 80’s, movies became part of our daily lives, following us everywhere through countless marketing pieces that emerged with these blockbusters. Video games, toys, blouses, sheets and all kinds of products dominated the shelves of stores and our homes.

For absolute nostalgic fans, who will say without thinking twice that the 80’s were the best of all, last year was a very special occasion of celebration. That’s because it was from 2020 onwards that movies from the 1980s started to become forties. Starting with unforgettable and timeless productions like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, The illuminated, Friday 13, Superman 2, indomitable bull and so many other feature films. In 2021, it’s time for a new batch of movies to celebrate their birthdays. In this new article we will celebrate a new milestone for some much loved productions, but this will not be a 40-year cycle, but a 35-year cycle. Here, we’ll remember with you the adventure and fantasy classics of the 80’s that turn 35 in 2021. Check it out below and don’t forget to leave your comment.

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Labyrinth – The Magic of Time

We started the list with a truly cult film, extremely adored not only by fans at the time, but also by generations to come. This is one of those movies passed down through the generations that never go out of style or become forgotten. Following the youth adventure climate of The Neverending Story (1984) – honored in Stranger Things, for example – Labyrinth it also mixes strange creatures, magic and an atmosphere of “fake horror”. Who stars is a Jennifer Connelly very young, then 16 years old in one of her first featured roles. She plays young Sarah, forced to take care of her baby brother by her parents. As the baby keeps crying, she wants him gone, and her wish comes true when fantasy mixes with real life. That’s when the villain Jareth, the Goblin King, enters the scene, who, with bizarre creatures at his command, kidnaps the baby, making the teenager venture on a journey through an unknown land to retrieve it. One of the great attractions of Labyrinth are the animatronic creations and puppets of Jim Henson (the “father” of the Muppets), who also directs the film. Other than that, the presence of the star is equally unforgettable. David Bowie like the villain and his songs provided for the soundtrack, which fill the screen with excitement.

This feature marked the fourth partnership on screen between the actor Kurt Russell and the director John Carpenter, after escape from new york, The Enigma of Another World and the dark Elvis did not die, a film made for TV in the 1970s, where the two met. Interestingly, Russell had been hired to star in Highlander – The Immortal Warrior (Our next item on the list – links to spoiler). During the pre-production phase of the film, however, for some reason Russell’s partner, Goldie Hawn, convinced him to leave the project. As a result, the actor ended up embarking on this film that, among other things, was a strong influence on the game. Mortal Kombat (just feel the atmosphere and the characters). Russell plays the braggart trucker Jack Burton, who ends up getting into a robbery alongside friends when he accidentally enters the middle of a millenary dispute between supernatural forces of good and evil, all hidden in his city’s Chinatown. Men who control lightning, elders who rejuvenate, and creatures of all kinds mark this cult par excellence and one of the most beloved items of the Afternoon session. There’s been talk about a remake for some time, which still has Dwayne Johnson bound to star.

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Highlander – The Immortal Warrior

I warned you that this would be the next topic on the list. Good, Highlander may have lost Kurt Russell as the protagonist, but won the French Christopher Lambert, turned him into a star in the US, had the illustrious presence of Sean Connery, generated four sequels, two TV series and an animation, in addition to all kinds of merchandising. Ah yes, Highlander is more advanced in terms of its remake too, in relation to the item above. We already have confirmed the presence of Henry Cavill starring as Connor MacLeod, and the director of the films in John Wick, with Keanu Reeves – that is, expect a frantic, action-packed adventure. I recently wrote an article recalling the classic 80’s. The story everyone already knows and has become a catchphrase when someone or something is “immortal”. Living in 15th century Scotland, Connor discovers he is an immortal while being banished from his village. Trained under the wing of Ramirez (Connery), he learns all about his condition and lives through the Centuries trying to give purpose to his existence. At the same time, other immortals fight with him and each other, dueling in pursuit of their mortality, and the only way to achieve this is to decapitate your rival – the only way for an immortal to die.

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The astro Eddie Murphy came into the entertainment world through America’s longest-running comedy show, the Saturday Night Live, which revealed many comedians who became sensation. Murphy quickly became a fad in the 1980s, starring in highly successful films like 48 hours, changing the balls and, of course, A Heavyweight Cop, a divider in his career. And the movie he chose to star in after the massive success of A Heavyweight Cop it was just this the kidnapping of the golden boy. Here, Murphy decided to bet on a different genre, following the wave of the fantasy and adventure film era. More used to police comedies, the star starred as a private detective specializing in finding missing children. Your most recent case, however, will turn out to be nothing like what you’ve seen before. This golden boy is a kind of “chosen one”, a being enlightened with supernatural gifts. For this very reason he becomes the target of a satanic organization, whose members also possess powers that defy explanation. In the midst of snake women, monstrous winged creatures and snow monasteries is the joker Murphy, facing danger with his good humor. Another absolute classic from Afternoon session.

Howard – The Super Hero

For those of you who think Marvel can’t go wrong, well, that might actually be true today; but that doesn’t mean that the comic book producer hasn’t had a dark past and has lived the “bread the devil kneaded” until she got where she got. And this is very true when we look at this work, which has the hand of none other than George Lucas, the father of Star Wars, in the production driving it. Interestingly, the choice here was not for a film from the Spider man, do Hulk, do captain America or even from the Iron Man. No popular company characters. What Lucas chose was the rude and lewd version of Pato Donald that Marvel called Howard. Created by Steve Gerber, the character is a grumpy alien duck, foul mouthed and unfriendly to children. Lucas liked that, but when adapting to the movies, “he did it wrong” and turned it into a nice adventure for the kids. Or almost, since when we look really closely, we can notice things beyond WTF like legs (women) naked in the bathtub (with the right to pee boobs sticking out) on Howard’s planet, and a relationship, say, zoophilia between the protagonist duck and his human girlfriend, singer in a rock band, played by Lea Thompson, the classic Lorraine Back to the future (1985).

It is indisputable that Indiana Jones brought matinee adventure movies back to theaters in style. And more than that, the adventurous archaeologist’s films always had a strong fantasy content, even though these supernatural moments always occurred at the end of each film. Were chests with the remains of Jesus that after being opened released ghosts and melted heads; were Indian sects able to control people through voodoo and rip out hearts from people still alive; or even a medieval knight alive for centuries, protecting the Holy Grail. That was the special spice of the movies from Spielberg. Of course, the success made all kinds of imitators emerge and one of the most famous of the period was this Allan Quatermain. Well, it must be said that the character is a classic, created in literature by H. Rider Haggard, but what the “deadlock” Cannon Films (a landmark of the 1980s) what he did here was to buy the rights to adapt the character and “copy, without doing it differently” while trying to hitch a ride on the success of Indiana Jones. The first was King Solomon’s Mines (1985) and the following year, completing 35 years, the sequel was released The City of Lost Gold. Both movies had Richard Chamberlain like Allan Quatermain and Sharon Stone like the damsel in distress Jesse.

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