Purchasing power law: "Wrong notes"the editorial by Jean-Michel Servant

The editorial for this Friday, August 5, written by Jean-Michel Servant, deputy editor-in-chief at Midi Libre, comes back to the purchasing power bill.

They deserved to go on vacation. The deputies and senators who have worked hard on the new “purchasing power” law will not have stolen their holidays. Rarely under the Fifth Republic have we seen so many measures discussed, amended and validated in a single month. Concrete financial aid that will impact – and improve – the daily lives of French people. Sign that our economy is not so moribund. That, despite the divisions, our democracy works quite well. But at the end of this active parliamentary session, we regret however that the level of the debates sometimes fell very low in the Hemicycle. Between a Nazi salute, anti-Semitic attacks, repeated insults and sexist or even homophobic remarks, some parliamentarians did not really honor the “public thing”. False notes that will have to be corrected from the start of the school year if they want to reconcile citizens with politics.

Jean-Michel Servant is deputy editor-in-chief at Midi Libre.
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