Punishers: With Stranger Things actress, Netflix movie gets date and photos

Netflix has released the first images of The Punishers, a new movie starring Maya Hawke, from Stranger Things. In addition, the release date of the feature film has been revealed.

The work, which also features Camila Mendes in the cast, will arrive on the streaming platform on September 16.

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The plot revolves around Drea (Camila Mendes), who is the most popular girl in school, and Eleanor (Maya Hawke), who, in turn, is the outcast.

After a secret date, they plan to get revenge on everyone who bullied them in high school.

See the images of The Punishers, below.

More about Punishers

Maya Hawke and Mendes are not the only celebrities in the cast of the production. Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark on Game Thrones, is also in the cast.

In addition to her, Austin Abrams from Euphoria also joins The Punishers. The rest of the cast consists of Talia Ryder, Rish Shah, Paris Berelc, Eliza Bennett, Cassady McClincy, Alisha Boe, Ava Capri and JD.

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is in charge of the direction. She signs the script with Celeste Ballard.

The Punishers premieres September 16 on Netflix.

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