‘Pumpkinhead’: Paramount is developing horror remake

According to Bloody Disgusting, a Paramount Players is developing a remake of the classic horror ‘Pumpkinhead: The Devil’s Revenge‘.

The site claims that the script is already finished and filming should start soon.

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Remember that the Paramount Players is behind several recent projects of the genre, such as the reboot of ‘Paranormal activity‘ and the pre-sequences of ‘The Clock‘ e ‘Damn cemetery‘.

Previously, the producer Peter Block had already revealed that the remake was in development.

“We have great news that I can’t share yet, but we will probably be able to share it very soon. ‘Pumpkinhead’ is a movie I love. The first movie is amazing and I think there’s more we can do with that idea.”

It completes, “If there’s one thing I hate about remakes and reboots, it’s the fact that there’s no reason for them to exist, but I believe the ‘Pumpkinhead’ mythology is so rich that there are many ways to update the plot – put less focus on the plot. creature from the beginning and more in the construction of the suspense.”

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The original franchise, starring Lance Henriksen, generated four films – all the sequels were released straight to video after the commercial failure of the first feature.

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