Public Story: Keany Reeves, The Cutest Guy In Hollywood

Keanu Reeves is not a perfectionist. He is perfection itself. We were told it a long time ago, and now maybe we can finally believe it: he is the One. ” It is with these few words that Anthony Oliver Scott concludes his portrait of the Canadian actor in the New York Times in November 2020. The relentless and feared critic of the most famous New York daily newspaper has just placed him in fourth place in the ranking of the best actors of the 21st century, behind Denzel Washington, Isabelle Huppert and Daniel Day-Lewis. Excuse the little! A consecration when we know that the beautiful haired brunette, now 57 years old, has long been despised by the critics. Worse, in its beginnings, and even still fifteen years ago, we shamelessly laughed at its lack of expression on the screen and its supposedly monolithic game. Was Keanu too handsome to be believable? Maybe, but Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and other Tom Cruise, however, managed to become Hollywood stars at a very young age. He will have taken time and could today savor his revenge. But that’s not his style, far from it. Do not count on the hero of the sagas Matrix and John Wick to taunt those who have overshadowed him: wanting to become a god and surpass his peers, even in his profession, is far from being his primary goal! The kind of house is more work, discretion, kindness and benevolence, words that are far from being overused when applied to Keanu. Judge for yourself: this guy recently gave a watch worth 10,000 euros to each of the four stuntmen who worked on the set of John Wick: Chapter 4, which took place in Paris in recent months.

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Watches at 10,000 euros offered to stuntmen!


1989: THE EXCELLENT ADVENTURE OF BILL AND TED With this cult film for teenagers in which he plays a left and naive geek, Keanu becomes very well known in the United States.

1991: POINT BREAK Between his character of surfer cop and that of Patrick Swayze, the hearts of fans swings … The dark-haired man reaches the status of sex symbol.

1991: MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO In this independent film by Gus Van Sant, Keanu proves that he is a great actor alongside the late River Phoenix.

1994: SPEED Facing Sandra Bullock, he will obtain his action film star stripes. It will bring in more than 310 million euros at the box office!

1999-2003: MATRIX TRILOGY The character of Neo propels him to the rank of cult actor all over the world. He will pocket tens of millions of euros for this role.

2014: MAN OF TAI CHI He tries his hand at directing with this action and martial arts film, but success is not really there.

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2014-2019: JOHN WICK Keanu dons the costume of a former hitman in these hit testosterone films. The fourth part should be released next year.

2021: MATRIX RESURRECTIONS Shot last year, this sequel to Matrix, eighteen years after the third installment, is eagerly awaited.

Long unbreakable …

Charlize Theron 2009-2010

Sofia Coppola 1991-1992

“Keanu Reeves is accused by several women of having been a gentleman.” Here is what an American parody newspaper, a sort of local Gorafi, headlined, in the midst of the #MeToo affair. Keanu has indeed always been adored by the fairer sex, the actresses who crossed his path in mind. But the handsome kid has hardly ever appeared with a woman on the red carpet. And after the death of his ex, Jennifer Syme, in 2001, he became outright allergic to any form of engagement. Known for the most part, his romances have never been confirmed 100% by the person concerned!

Alexandra Grant, the one who converted him to life as a couple

If Keanu Reeves made his first official red carpet outing with Alexandra Grant in November 2019 in Los Angeles, the 48-year-old American actor and artist have known each other for at least a decade, having worked together on a book. , Ode to Happiness, released in 2011. They would have met in 2010 with mutual friends. Since appearing with her, the actor wears a big smile more often than before. These two clearly found each other!

He refuses to have bodyguards!

And don’t think it’s exceptional! Twenty years ago, it was offering 45 million euros to members of the Matrix technical team, and each of its liners received a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Simple examples of the good deeds that mark the course of the man whose first name means “cool breeze on the mountain”, in the Hawaiian dialect. On the internet, dozens of anonymous people tell anecdotes about him on forums, each one nicer than the last. Not only, the actor lends himself easily to the game of photos with his fans, but he also regularly gives money to homeless people and leaves his place in the subway – because yes, he may well be extremely rich and famous in the world. whole, Keanu refuses to have bodyguards and continues to take the subway. A UFO, a real one, and always has been. Born September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon, Keanu will be abandoned by his father at the age of 3. It is his costumer mother, Patricia, who will raise him alone. They will move according to his contracts and his love stories, between Beirut, Sydney, New York or even Toronto. They end up staying in Canada, which is also the nationality that appears on Keanu’s identity papers. Dyslexic, the young boy shines more on the ice hockey fields than on the school benches. But at the age of 9, he discovered his vocation thanks to the theater. After the boards, he made his place on the big screen, chaining successes from the end of the 1980s. There is The Excellent Adventure of Bill and Ted in 1989, a cult comedy in the United States, then Point Break of the future Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, where he gives the answer to Patrick Swayze and becomes one of the young first who makes the most fantasies in the world, or the beautiful Dracula of Francis Ford Coppola. In 1999, the first part of The Matrix consecrates him as an ultra bankable star. Keanu doesn’t really care about money though. It’s true, he’s largely a multimillionaire, but he’s not ready to give up his freedom to stay that way. In 1995, he even refused to play in the sequel to Speed, despite the 9 million euros fee that was offered to him! “Money does not buy happiness, but it allows me to live as I wish”, he explains in Interview in 2019. And precisely, Keanu has never really lived like the others. Don’t think about what huge properties the hunk has bought in Beverly Hills, Miami or New York because he doesn’t have any. For a long time, he lived as a nomad, crossing America on his motorbike, one of his passions, and changing hotels during his travels. On the heart side too, the handsome kid was the unattached type since the tragedy of the disappearance of his daughter and her mother in the early 2000s (see box). Things seem to have changed a bit since appearing with artist Alexandra Grant. Unlike some of his male Hollywood counterparts, who left wife and family home for young beauties after the mid-to-mid-mid-mid-century crisis hit, Keanu chose a quadra (she is 48 years old). years), free, artist, with a sober and simple look. A woman who looks like him, in short. She certainly accompanied him on the set of Matrix 4 in Germany during the summer of 2020, but she had chosen to rent a house in the countryside in which he joined her on weekends, rather than spending all her time in Berlin. where the filming was based. Keanu is a free man, happy and always so generous: not so long ago, it was discovered that he had created a charitable foundation to help research against cancer and leukemia … while refusing to him give his name so as not to promote. Keanu is and will therefore remain a K apart in the land of the stars, and that’s good!

Entre sex-symbol et boy next door

Keanu may have a quick draw sometimes bordering on grunge, beanie on his head, greasy hair and ripped jeans, it is clear that since his role as Neo in The Matrix, he has become an icon of classy casual style. In 2019, Saint Laurent Homme even made him his muse and most of his fans have not forgotten the licked black and white images of the actor, in ultra stylish kid fashion. It must be said that whatever his look, Keanu hardly gets old. We have barely noticed for some time little gray locks in his ebony hair!

Marked by terrible mourning

In 1993, Keanu saw his first high-profile drama with the overdose loss of his best friend, actor River Phoenix, whom he had met on the set of My Own Private Idaho. Six years later, actress Jennifer Syme, his girlfriend for just over a year, gives birth at eight months of pregnancy to a stillborn baby, a baby girl they will call Ava. The two are devastated and their couple will not survive. Eighteen months later, the then 28-year-old woman died in a car accident. In May 2019, when American comedian Stephen Colbert asked him on The Late Show: “What happens after death?”, Keanu replied: “I know that those who are missing us like. ” He knows what he is talking about…

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