Public prosecutor’s office starts procedure for forced admission for man who threatened to commit attack

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The public prosecutor of Brussels has started a procedure for compulsory admission for the man who threatened to commit an attack in a hospital on Friday.

The 24-year-old man had presented himself to the Sint-Anna hospital in Anderlecht and threatened to come back and kill everyone. The man, who comes from the province of Luxembourg, was very excited. He shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ and said that he will ‘come back tomorrow to kill himself and everyone else present’. Then he disappeared. After an extensive search by the police, the suspect was arrested Friday evening.

The public prosecutor of Brussels started the so-called Nixon procedure on Saturday. “The order has indeed been given to start that procedure,” confirms spokeswoman Willemien Baert. “It is not yet clear whether he will actually be included or not. That will become clear in the course of the day.”

The Nixon procedure has been a hot topic for a good week. The attacker of the deceased police officer Thomas Monjoie had reported to the police station earlier that day because he felt hatred towards the police. The procedure for compulsory admission was not initiated by the public prosecutor’s office – because he himself had already asked for psychiatric admission, it was afterwards – and that led to a lot of outrage.

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