PSG: This astonishing choice in the transfer window, it can be very expensive

With its gala recruitment and its host of stars, is Paris Saint-Germain nevertheless sufficiently armed to win the Champions League?

The answer will be quickly known in the coming months, but it is a midfielder that the question arises. For the moment, Mauricio Pochettino has tried a lot, without finding the solution, and the difficulties in this sector of play encountered in several matches, such as against Manchester City or against Olympique Lyonnais last Sunday, worry in view of the confrontation against Real Madrid. Opposite, it will be Casemiro, Modric and Kroos, a perfectly honed triplet which is clearly gaining momentum this season.

PSG therefore has a short month to strengthen in this sector, and finally find the rare pearl. But according to L’Equipe, Leonardo is not going, except for a huge opportunity, to seek to make a big blow. If Georginio Wijnaldum is completely lost, a sale by the Dutchman, the only one that could reshuffle the cards, is not considered. Result, Pochettino will have to find the happy medium with Gueye, Herrera, Danilo, Verratti, Wijnaldum and Paredes. For a long time, N’Golo Kanté made PSG dream, but the Parisian leaders understood that Chelsea would not let go for the French international, who feels good with the Blues and does not intend to move.

PSG target Paul Pogba this summer

Result, the big blow is for next summer, and it will be cheap. Indeed, PSG always aims to bring in Paul Pogba, who will be at the end of his contract with Manchester United. There will therefore be no transfer fees to pay, even if the signing bonus and the French international’s salary promise to be substantial. For Leonardo, there is in any case no doubt that La Pioche has the profile to solve this problem of the midfielder, which does not date from yesterday at PSG.

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