PSG: The FFF urgently validates the contract of Christophe Galtier

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A few hours before PSG’s first match this season in Ligue 1, Christophe Galtier was informed that his contract was approved by the French Football Federation under conditions.

Ridicule does not kill and it is fortunate for the French Football Federation which had not approved the contract of Christophe Galtier at Paris Saint-Germain. Reason for this refusal, despite his very long experience as a professional coach, and even if he obviously has the necessary diplomas to practice this profession, the one who led Lille to the title of Champion of France in 2021 was not up-to-date in their continuing professional education. Overall, he was missing a stamp on a form and the payment of a training course of a few hundred euros including tax to become a ” true “coach in the eyes of the FFF. This Saturday, according to France Bleu Paris, Christophe Galtier sent a letter to the French Football Federation to let him know that he was committed to updating his training. After having quickly deliberated, the authorities therefore validated the contract of the French coach of PSG, which does not change much in practice, but which probably avoids some fines for the capital club.

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