PSG: Sergio Ramos ready to slam the door, the first clue falls

Used only three times since the start of the season at PSG, Spanish defender Sergio Ramos could leave next summer.

A year in Paris and then that’s it? Sergio Ramos is already quoted from the start at Paris Saint-Germain, where he has played only three games in all competitions since the start of the season. Undermined by repeated physical problems, the former Real Madrid captain was present in the PSG group in Lyon on Sunday night. But while Michut, Xavi Simons, Kehrer or Dina-Ebimbe came into play, the former Spanish international remained on the bench throughout the meeting. A blow for Sergio Ramos, who is already considering his departure from Paris SG at the end of the season according to information from Todo Fichajes. And the media goes further by revealing that René Ramos, brother and agent of the PSG defender, is already negotiating the departure of the Parisian defender.

Sergio Ramos still popular in the Premier League

Despite his near-blank season at Real Madrid last season and his starving playing time at Paris Saint-Germain, Sergio Ramos still attracts many courtiers. Unsurprisingly, Major League Soccer is at the feet of the Spanish international, who is the dream of several franchises in the United States. But more surprisingly, Sergio Ramos also remains courted in Europe and more particularly in the Premier League. Chelsea and Manchester United have thus expressed their interest to Sergio Ramos’ agent in order to know the salary and contractual conditions of a possible arrival of the player next season. New rich in the world of football, Newcastle also inquired from René Ramos. The Magpies, who have just enlisted Kieran Trippier from Atlético de Madrid for just under 20 million euros, would like to add Sergio Ramos to their hunting roster. For now, the player has not yet revealed his intentions but if the situation does not develop favorably at PSG during the second part of the season, he could welcome a hasty departure from Paris.

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