PSG: Sergio Ramos impressed by Christophe Galtier

For PSG and Sergio Ramos, August 2022 is looking better than August 2021. The Parisians won the Champions Trophy this time around with the Spaniard as holder. The latter greatly appreciates the work of the staff of Christophe Galtier.

This season, PSG has not missed its departure on the national scene. Beaten by LOSC a year earlier, the Parisian club got their hands on the champions trophy by crushing Nantes 4-0. A success in which Sergio Ramos greatly contributed. Holder in central defense, the Spaniard scored a magnificent goal with a heel. An excellent start to the season already for Ramos, much better than the previous one and for good reason. The former Madrid player only started with the Parisians at the end of November, on the lawn of AS Saint-Etienne. His calf had caused him a lot of trouble and especially a lot of injuries.

According to Ramos, Galtier is a great tactician and technician

But, twelve months later, everything seems forgotten. The 36-year-old Spaniard digests the sequence of matches at the start of the season. He has felt comfortable since the start of the summer preparation, fully adhering to the new staff around Christophe Galtier. The former Nice coach has already been adopted by Sergio Ramos. The quadruple European champion with Real Madrid was complimentary to him at the microphone of the Parisian club channel.

I think our progress has been very, very well managed, very well planned by the technical staff and the coaches. Personally, I am very happy to see that we are starting to reach a good physical level and that today we feel very good. […] When the coach speaks softly, I understand him perfectly (laughs). We all communicate very well together. We talk about the new system we have, about what the coach expects from us. I think he is a coach with a very high technical and tactical level. He managed to win the league with another team in France, so he’s an experienced man in football and we have to take advantage of that, to try to project the ideas he has for us on the pitch. “, he confided to PSG TV. Given the career of Ramos and the coaches he has worked with, these words are not at all anecdotal.

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