PSG: Qatar kills football, Javier Tebas indignant

Javier Tebas is not a fan of Qatar and PSG and the boss of the Spanish football league does not miss an opportunity to remind him.

Public enemy number one of Paris Saint-Germain QSI version since the transfer of Neymar from FC Barcelona in 2017, Javier Tebas does not miss an opportunity to hit PSG and especially its Qatari owner. In a long interview granted to the specialized media Off the Pitch, the president of the Spanish football league once again expressed his dissatisfaction at seeing a sovereign State at the head of a football club, as is the case with the Qatar with Paris Saint-Germain. Beyond the simple fact that Javier Tebas is not favorable to “club-states”, it is above all the financial management of QSI that infuriates the boss of Spanish football, who regrets that PSG is run like a club at a loss. , whose money injected has little to do with transfer income, ticketing or even TV rights.

Javier Tebas hits Qatar and Al-Khelaïfi

“I don’t mind that the State of Qatar owns PSG. What worries me is that they continue to run the club at a loss, and to inject money that has nothing to do with football.” Javier Tebas railed during his interview with Off The Pitch, before continuing. “It causes massive inflation in terms of wages and players, which creates a domino effect, and causes losses for other clubs” he believes. He is also not in favor of the fact that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, president of PSG for more than ten years, has several hats in the world of football, notably with a stronger influence than ever at UEFA. “The fact that Nasser al-Khelaïfi wears all these different hats is a concern, it is not fair. Being at the head of ECA and PSG at the same time… Whatever else he does, it’s not fair” railed Javier Tebas, definitely not a fan of the made in Qatar management of Paris Saint-Germain and the multiple major roles of its president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi. Another intervention on the list of Javier Tebas against PSG.

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