PSG players fired from Camp des Loges?

Paris Saint-Germain is making its revolution this summer and has decided to hunt, not stars, but players who behave like divas.

For this, a new regulation has been erected imposing certain rules. And yet, the old regulations were one of the most draconian in Ligue 1, but they were simply not respected at PSG. The key to mastering the “Republic of Players” will therefore be to enforce the decisions taken at the start of the season. And for the moment, everything is easy, the group is reunited in Japan and everyone has playing time. But everything is going very well and observers are witnessing changes in behavior.

Among the changes, the arrival of the players at 8:30 a.m. and the taking of breakfast and lunch together, as well as the removal of the telephone during these moments of sharing. The idea is to provoke exchanges and complicity in a group often torn between clans. These new rules are in any case fully understood, since no deviations have been reported so far. And yet, Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos are attentive, even if they are not going to police each player either. But PSG footballers are warned, the sanctions can fall quickly. Thus, L’Equipe reveals that discipline will be applied firmly if a player arrives late at Camp des Loges without a valid excuse. He will not be able to resume training late or settle for care or indoor work. He will be immediately sent home, with possible financial (missed day of work) and sporting consequences.

Neymar bypasses the PSG trap

Inevitably, all eyes are on Neymar, who missed a few sessions last season for “gastro” which did not convince many people. But for the moment, the Brazilian, who knows he is in the hot seat, plays the game perfectly. The sports daily says that, during the tour in Japan, he was to do a show on a local TV channel at 7:30 am. The PSG number 10 complied, showing up early for breakfast then fresh and ready for the show despite the early hour. Obviously impossible to go so far as to say that the Parisian leaders wanted to “test” Neymar with this meeting at dawn, but the Brazilian is determined to comply with the new PSG. And with a smile.

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