PSG: Paris is magical, Galtier the Marseillais admits it

This Saturday, Christophe Galtier will begin his term as PSG coach in Ligue 1. If his arrival in Paris could have surprised it is also because he is a real native of Marseille. However, this has never prevented him from enjoying the Parisian club for a long time.

Born in Marseille, trained in Marseille, player for OM then assistant coach. The CV and career of Christophe Galtier has never hinted at a future arrival at PSG, the enemy club for any self-respecting Marseille player. However, the technician did not hesitate long when the Parisian club came to pick him up in Nice at the start of the summer. Neither one nor two, Galtier was inducted coach of PSG while at the same time many Marseilles were stressed to see the child of the country, Zinedine Zidane, land in Paris.

Galtier, secret lover of PSG

The current quickly passed between the Parisian club and the boiling Marseilles Christophe Galtier. A marriage of convenience? No, quite the contrary. Interviewed by the newspaper The Parisian before his first in Ligue 1 in Clermont, Christophe Galtier brushed aside the idea that he does not feel happy in Paris. It was even a dream for him to sign in the capital, an unacknowledged and secret wish that he has always had in mind.

With 100% honesty, I always wanted to coach PSG. Ask my family environment… Obviously, as a player, I played a few PSG-OM, there were also good confrontations when I was assistant there. But for a Marseillais, I always had a different view of what Paris Saint-Germain was. There is no will to seduce or to make com in what I am telling you. If I’ve never said it before, it’s because I’ve never been asked the question “, he confided. For the most Marseilles of Parisians, there is only one thing missing to be fully dubbed by the Park: winning the Champions League with PSG.

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