PSG: Only one mistake, Galtier is almost faultless

At the time of the World Cup break, Christophe Galtier can take stock of his adventure at Paris Saint-Germain. Given its results, the analysis can only be positive.

Like any coach, Christophe Galtier could not escape some criticism. The Paris Saint-Germain coach has notably been the subject of comments on his tactical plans or on the use of certain players. Nevertheless, at the time of the World Cup break, the successor of Mauricio Pochettino, appreciated in his locker room, has still not lost a single match. We can also note his communication, which is both frank and rather controlled. So despite the ecological faux pas, the journalist Arnaud Hermant evokes beginnings close to perfection.

He was pretty good, pretty smartpraised the columnist of the L’Equipe channel. He had a little road trip with the sand yachting story but otherwise he was pretty good. Both externally, we felt that he was someone who worked on his communication to meet the sometimes somewhat exaggerated demands of PSG. And he was above all very good, we knew that it was in his qualities, in the human. And that, for once, with star players and even boys like Sergio Ramos with whom he often exchanges, he was very good. »

Galtier’s PSG undefeated

From that point of view, he is doing very well. And for the moment we can say that it is almost faultlessestimated the journalist. Obviously we could say that he can do better in some matches but it’s almost faultless on his part. It is the only club which is undefeated in the five major championships (all competitions combined, editor’s note), it is not nothing. But like his predecessors, Christophe Galtier will be judged above all on his ability to lead Paris Saint-Germain to European heights.

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