PSG: Neymar will have to work, he is picking up!

How will PSG recover Neymar? Between party and poker tournament, the Brazilian cuts well with football, even if his reconversion will wait for his performances.

Currently on vacation, Neymar is traveling the United States and living his best life. He partied for several days in Miami with his partner and then his sister. The PSG player then crossed the country from East to West to get to Las Vegas. And indulge in his second passion, which will soon be his first. Indeed, if he is a professional footballer among the best in the world, Neymar no longer hides his desire to become a professional poker player at the end of his career. And the Brazilian has been thinking about it for a very long time, even if he was close to the high level on the night of Sunday to Monday in the city of Nevada games.

Indeed, his entry ticket for the World Series of Poker dates from 2016, when he won a preliminary tournament also in Las Vegas. But he had not been able to honor his invitation, football having caught up with him with his participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Returning then several times as an observer, Neymar has now played at the big table in Las Vegas, with participation in a tournament at $ 10,000 entry, with 74 participants.

Neymar stops from the first day

On this tournament which lasts three days, the number 10 of PSG will not however have gone to the end of the first evening, losing at the 6th level. The Brazilian was, according to the specialists, very offensive, before gradually losing hands against more cautious and savvy players. Nevertheless, Neymar would have left, hinting that he could return a little later, several tournaments taking place during these WSOP.

So there is still work for the Paris SG striker, who has a partnership with a poker site that allows him to regularly participate in events when he has time, as was recently the case in Monte Carlo. But for the moment, his biggest gain remains limited, with a 6th place at a Poker Event which took place in Brazil. However, these setbacks do not affect the morale of the footballer, who confirmed to ESPN that poker was still his passion, and his ambition after having finished with the round ball. “ Yes, it’s true, it’s one of the things I love doing the most. I like it a lot and I think that after football I will be able to travel more, to play more tournaments that I could not do because of my schedule “Explained Neymar, who will still have to wait for the end of his contract, and perhaps his career, to devote himself fully to poker. Unless a stay in the United States, within an MLS franchise, allows him to reconcile the two in the future…

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