PSG: Neymar shocked by criticism of his lifestyle

Again and always criticized in relation to his hygiene of life on the side of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar has once again settled his accounts on social networks, in a story on Instagram.

Neymar is looking a bit for the stick to get beaten. Injured to an ankle since the end of November, and his outing on a stretcher against ASSE, the Brazilian international took advantage of his absence from the field to recharge his batteries in Brazil. Around the New Year, the 29-year-old player has for example chained the evenings with his friends or some local stars… Which had the gift of annoying some followers of the Parisian club, who did not hesitate to put it back again in question the professionalism of Neymar. Faced with criticism, the PSG striker responded with actions on social networks. Indeed, in a story posted on Instagram, the Brazilian appeared in the middle of a recovery session with an oxygen mask in a hyperbaric chamber. Below this photo, he didn’t hesitate to make a salty comment: “It’s good not to be professional and not to take care of yourself, isn’t it?” To be right at night, you must first take care of yourself ”.

Neymar responds to Rothen

A nice tackle sent to all the consultants who have criticized him in recent days, and in particular Jérôme Rothen. “How to accept that from such a player, who has still played 50% of the games since the start of the season and who has, compared to other years. It is less efficient. He is getting older, he gains pounds when he stops, he does not have the proper hygiene of life. When you have passed the 30 years, the recovery goes less well than 25 years and when you do bullshit, you are caught up by all that “, had balanced the consultant of RMC, when he learned that Neymar had been entitled to one week of vacation more in Brazil at the beginning of the year 2022, with the approval of the direction of the PSG. Anyway, Neymar will now be expected at the turn on the pitch, and in particular during the knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid. A shock in which he should logically be back after long weeks of unavailability …

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