PSG: Neymar and his gang of friends, Galtier is the bouncer!

For several months, Neymar has been dragging a bad reputation at PSG. Debate rages over whether number 10 can actually change. Christophe Galtier will help him.

Unfortunately for them, Paris Saint-Germain supporters have almost never had the opportunity to take advantage of Neymar FC Barcelona version. And for good reason, numerous injuries and a lack of seriousness off the pitch have marked the Parisian adventure of the Brazilian international for the moment. Over the months and injuries, Neymar has built a bad reputation in Paris, that of a party animal more focused on carnivals and poker games in the middle of the night than on football. Former Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Fernandez is convinced that Neymar will put an end to his dirty reputation this season in the French capital. Asked by BeInSports, Luis Fernandez said that according to him, the PSG No. 10 would even everyone agree in 2022-2023.

Luis Fernandez still believes in Neymar

An opinion partly built on the successful preparation of Neymar, very interesting during friendly matches in Japan and resplendent during the Champions Trophy against Nantes in Israel. โ€œWe found Neymar. There are so many critics falling on him that he wants to silence them. He may have prepared differently. It’s a question of attitude and mentality. He really wants to be recognized other than what is currently said about him. It is changing, there was a click ยป believes Luis Fernandez, convinced that Neymar will break everything this season at Paris Saint-Germain under the orders of Christophe Galtier.

Galtier will manage Neymar in his own way

This is also what the Parisian coach hopes, he who very quickly spoke out in favor of keeping Neymar in the workforce during his first press conference. And this at a time when the tendency was rather to wish the departure of the Brazilian after the declarations of Nasser Al-Khelaรฏfi, who had conveyed the message that players not concerned by the project were invited to leaveโ€ฆ to answer a question on the future of Neymar. So the trend has reversed, and that’s a very good thing, because PSG still have a lot to learn from the Brazilian in the years to come.

This is the clear opinion of his compatriot Cris, questioned on RMC on what the new Parisian coach can bring to his number 10. And for the former Policeman, who takes control of Le Mans in National 1, the error is still to forget how talented Neymar is, but also a leader thirsty for victories. ” He is the most important player in the national team, one of the captains. Critics are sometimes too harsh. Look at what he does for football, his track record, few have one like his. Whether in Europe or Brazil he is criticized but in the national team he always makes the difference with whom he has won almost everything. The only thing on which we can criticize him is perhaps his lifestyle, what he does off the pitch, but we have to analyze what he does on the pitch. I had Christophe Galtier as an assistant (at Lyon in 2007-08), I know he will do him good. He will know how to control it but Neymar has a life that we all know. He lives with his friends, his childhood friends but for me on the ground he does his job โ€œAdmitted Cris, convinced that Neymar can make an effort and be decisive, but that he will not be able to deny the party animal that he is either. As often, if the results are there and his level of performance is there, his extra-sporting differences are likely to pass much better with PSG and its supporters.

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