PSG: Mbappé takes a right signed Bertrand Latour

Kylian Mbappé is still in the headlines in Paris, the announcement of the choice of the French striker being necessarily imminent. While Real Madrid think they have won their duel with PSG, some are putting Mbappé’s departure into perspective.

While Paris Saint-Germain will play their penultimate match of the season this Saturday evening at La Mosson, everyone is wondering about the precise moment when Kylian Mbappé will officially reveal whether he will extend with the capital club or if he will agree to sign at Real Madrid. In recent days, Florentino Perez has not hesitated to display enormous confidence in this operation, the president of Casa Blanca thought this time to have won his case in his negotiations with the Mbappé clan, in particular concerning image rights.

Promised to the title of UNFP player of the year, Kylian Mbappé will speak on Sunday evening during this ceremony and his words will be studied closely. In 2019, the Parisian striker took advantage of this footballers’ party to claim ” additional responsibilities to the leaders of PSG, remarks that caused a stir at the time. In 2022, he could this time say where he will play next season, although nothing is certain. Bertrand Latour, who will be interviewing on the red carpet for the L’Equipe channel, believes that apart from the suspense, the Parisian leaders may be thinking about the future without Mbappé.

PSG have Mbappé, but did not win the Champions League

On the sports channel, the journalist believes that on the PSG side, even if the extension of the former Monegasque is THE number 1 priority, the obsession with winning the Champions League has also made it possible to put Kylian’s possible departure into perspective. Mbappe. ” I’m just having a thought. Who are the winners of the last editions of the Champions League? The English, and in any case it’s never Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain, of which Mbappé is a part. If you take the problem backwards, and you are a leader of PSG, you tell yourself that you have had this player for 5 years and that you have never managed to win the Champions League even with all his talent. OK, the problem is not with him, but the other clubs that win do so without him. There is also a life without Kylian Mbappé “, points out Bertrand Latour, who adds that even with a Neymar at his best level and Mbappé, PSG had crashed in this competition.

In other words, before giving the keys to Paris Saint-Germain to its star, the officials of the capital club should perhaps think twice. Because if it is necessarily easier to win the Champions League with Kylian Mbappé, the latter does not guarantee 100% that this will be the case. Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and other clubs are there to prove it.

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