PSG: Mauro Icardi beaten by his wife, his bank account proves it

According to information from Mundo Deportivo, Wanda Icardi could soon be richer than her husband Mauro, star of PSG.

Model, journalist, influencer, agent… In recent years, Wanda Icardi has multiplied her professions and her notoriety has exploded in Italy, Spain, Argentina and France. Woman with multiple hats, the one who often boils Instagram has created a small empire on social networks and her fortune has exploded over the years. It may not be over since according to information from Mundo Deportivo, his divorce from Maxi Lopez will bring him a lot of money. Indeed, the Catalan newspaper reveals that as part of this divorce, Wanda Icardi signed a “millionaire agreement”. The former FC Barcelona striker (38) will be forced to continue paying child support until their youngest son reaches the age of 21… in 12 years.

Wanda signs ‘millionaire deal’ with Maxi Lopez

The icing on the cake, Wanda Icardi will get the house that the couple shared in Santa Barbara, California, which will logically blow up the fortune of the wife of the center-forward of Paris Saint-Germain. At the same time, the business of the businesswoman is doing very well. Indeed, Wanda Icardi has launched a cosmetics brand whose sales figures are excellent. In addition, the influencer multiplies the appearances in commercials in Spain or in Italy, which inflates her income in a copious way. Finally, as Mundo Deportivo points out, a large part of Wanda Nara’s income comes from… Mauro Icardi. And for good reason, the Argentine’s wife is also his agent and therefore, she receives via the various contracts negotiated for her husband a certain number of bonuses and commissions. Mundo Deportivo concludes its small people survey by estimating that Wanda Icardi receives between 250,000 and 300,000 euros per month. Or incomes that are getting closer and closer to those of her husband, with on top of that a growing personal fortune.

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