PSG: Lionel Messi absent several matches, he is the boss

Still absent from training on Thursday, Lionel Messi has almost no chance of being in the squad for this weekend’s match against Brest.

Returning from Argentina after being affected by the Covid, the Argentinian has not yet resumed collective sessions, and if he trains with Neymar, it is only indoors while the Brazilian is doing his rehabilitation. This Friday, it will be his last chance to perform a collective session before this Saturday’s match against the Bretons. However, there is little doubt, Lionel Messi will probably still be put to rest and this longer-than-expected absence worries the followers of Paris SG. The seven-time Ballon d’Or is making a slow comeback, and this is not necessarily ideal for a player who has had a hard time putting together matches and efforts in the first part of the season.

A program too à la carte for Messi?

A game well on the way to be missed against Brest therefore, after the one already zapped against Lyon, and in the Coupe de France at the beginning of January. Lionel Messi is spared, but not only with PSG. According to ESPN Argentina, the former Barcelona player is on track to skip the two matches of his selection, in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, at the end of January. For these matches added to the program, Lionel Scaloni simply leaves Lionel Messi the choice to say yes or no to the selection, knowing that the recent winner of the Copa America is already qualified for Qatar. At 34, Lionel Messi therefore benefits from an à la carte program, and should therefore not force his talent at the start of 2022. It remains to be seen whether PSG will not pay the price when it comes to raising the pace against Real Madrid in the Champions League. Because it was seen Wednesday night in Riyadh, the Spanish club is already in great shape and able to come out of big games like the one needed to beat FC Barcelona in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup.

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