PSG: Leonardo will cry, Inter ruins their huge blow

Marcelo Brozovic made PSG and Leonardo salivate to get everyone to agree in midfield. Inter cut the rug out from under him.

Finding the midfielder who will finally allow PSG to dominate Europe in this sector of play, this is the mission that Leonardo has set himself for some time. For the moment, despite the efforts and in particular the catch of Georginio Wijnaldum in the nose and the beard of FC Barcelona, ​​the sporting director of Paris SG does not succeed. Very often turned towards Italy, the Brazilian closely followed Marcelo Brozovic, who has the enormous advantage, in addition to his technical and tactical qualities, of being free at the end of the season. Six months from the end of his contract, the Croatian seemed destined to listen to the offers and to move towards the most attractive project at all levels, sporting as well as financial. What to leave good hopes for PSG. But according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, it will not be.

Brozovic turns down top pay at Newcastle

Marcelo Brozovic will indeed extend his contract with Inter Milan, with a big effort made by the Lombard club to keep it. The midfielder will commit for four years, until 2026, with a salary of 6 million euros and an additional million in possible bonuses. A hearty salary for Serie A standards, even if Newcastle offered him an even larger sum, approaching 8 million euros per year. But everything is already complete, says the Italian sports newspaper, for which the extension will be announced in the coming days, and perhaps even this week. A heartbreak for PSG, and its supporters, who campaigned on social networks for Leonardo to crack his wallet and make an offer capable of convincing Marcelo Brozovic. But the Croatian midfielder clearly had a priority to stay with Serie A leader and defending champion, and he will achieve that goal.

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