PSG: Leonardo fired by Mbappé? He didn’t see it coming

As soon as Kylian Mbappé was extended at the end of May, PSG parted ways with their former sporting director Leonardo.

It is not a secret in Paris, the two men maintained icy relations. Kylian Mbappé and Leonardo were not the best friends in the world, to the point that several observers announced that the tricolor international had requested Leonardo’s departure in order to extend to PSG. Coincidence or not, the Brazilian left Paris as soon as Kylian Mbappé’s extension was announced. Enough to fuel the wildest rumours, including that the world champion’s demand was heard with Leonardo’s departure as the No. 1 condition for his extension. But this is a huge lie according to the former Parisian sports director, who debunked this rumor in a broad interview with L’Equipe this Friday.

Leonardo’s focus on Mbappé

“Is there a causal link? No. It was the end of the Championship and maybe it was time to decide things for the future. My departure, a condition for Mbappé to extend to PSG? No, I was not told that. But I don’t want to get into that stuff. And the fact of having kept a player of this level, French and Parisian, is important for PSG and L1. Why am I leaving? Some things that are said internally should stay internal. That’s what I experienced with the club. When we want to part with you, there’s no good way to say it’s over. If I wanted to continue at PSG? Yes. This, yes. But I understand that these are things that happen. There are unexpected situations that occur, so it is. I am very pragmatic. Three years in football, today, it’s huge “ explained Leonardo, who recognizes that his desire was to continue at PSG but who formally dismantles the rumors according to which his departure was essential to see Kylian Mbappé extend to the capital. However, it will be difficult to have the end of the story, to leave through the back door and with a nice envelope, Leonardo has inevitably signed a small confidentiality clause which prevents him from revealing the upheavals of Paris SG of the latter month.

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